Workshops with Quickbooks Online – free to current clients, or $50 per session

Session 1 - May 18th - Quickbooks Online Payments

Learn the ins-and-outs of Quickbooks payments from free check processing to invoicing. You will need a Quickbooks online account or we can sign you up for one the same day ($45 per month for premium accounts).

We will walk through setting up customers, creating invoices, connecting to payments, and customizing your logo and templates.

Session 2 - June 1 - QBO Bills & Expenses

We will teach you the ropes of adding bills, paying bills, and expensing items in Quickbooks Online. For the average user, expenses aren't always what they seem! Did you purchase a car, computer, or lease equipment? These are not typical expenses and we will go through questions and bring in your expenses through your bank account online!

Session 3 - June 8th - Quickbooks App - on your phone

You will learn how to send ACH payments to vendors, enter 1099 information, and track your vendors online for direct payments. We will also walk you through the Quickbooks online app on your phone - check your profit and loss and expenses in your hands!

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