1. Bookkeeping

Complete your bookkeeping to date - include depreciation entries and common meals and entertainment adjustments.

2. Meet with your Accountant

Make your meeting with us for your year-end calculations and bookkeeping entries.

3. 1099 Prep

Make sure you have W-9 forms on file - and that you've paid them all in full before the year-end.

4. Taxes

Estimate taxes paid and what will be owed for the year.

5. Personal Healthcare

Part of Obamacare? The end of the deadline is December 15th ! Make your appointment for Health Insurance with us today!

6. Retirement

Additional deductions? Make sure we can plan how retirement deductions can help you and your business. We have several specialists in our network to help you set up these accounts!

7. State Records

Make sure all your AZ Corporation Commission information is up to date

8. Plan

Prepare your next year's projections and goals. How much tax will you need to save next year?

9. Inventory

Get ready for year-end inventory - do you need to purchase less before counting? Schedule staff accordingly and count the stock for your year-end stock entry.

10. Insurance Renewals

Review insurance ratings, and obtain quotes based on your current numbers. This helps save on your next year's expenses.

11. Avoid late Penalties

Confirm your tax deadlines - depending on entity type, payrolls, and closing tax periods.