You’ve found the right people to sail off with – now what?
We talked about writing a list of the people you want to work with, and hopefully you’ve completed the full list so you can see who is on your team! Now that you’ve listed the people you want on your boat, where will they sit? Assuming you’re the captain of the ship, will you have each of them define their own roles? If you already have defined roles for your company, then you can filter each person by qualifications and personality traits.

Here is an exercise for you to create each of the roles your company needs:
1) What are your top 3 needs?
2) Next to your top needs, who on your team excels at these roles?
2) What are the top 3 services or goods that bring in revenue?
3) Who on your team do you trust most to market these services or goods?
This is just a start for your structure; I like sitting down and mapping out all these areas and assigning a person to them. Once you’ve started this process, ask your trusted team where they see themselves. This will start the internal structure and lead you into an organized direction. We have all worked at companies where there is confusion or frustration over roles- this will help lead each member of your team into the right seat!