Prior to starting services, you will receive an engagement letter with a quotation of price.

Financial Services

Bookkeeping – $75 per hour

Data Entry (bank entries), General Ledger, Reporting of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss

We do not audit as part of bookkeeping services

Payroll – $175 per month (4 employees or less)

Payroll entry, quarterly and annual payroll forms for employees

Tax Services

Tax Preparation – $175 per hour

We will prepare your tax return in compliance with state and federal law. It is important to recognize that we do not audit your financials in preparation of your tax return – it is your responsibility to provide all the information required for the preparation of complete and accurate returns. 

Tax Planning, IRS or State Representation – – $225 per hour

Tax Planning is performed by a licensed tax professional – to review the changes for you during the year and estimated tax liability. 

With a power of attorney, we will contact the IRS or State Agency to answer questions on refunds, liens, letters, or general inquiries.

Management & Consulting Services, $175 per hour

Training & Education – training your staff on systems, management accountability, and educating staff on financials. This includes software implementation, workshops, and staff education (emails, calls or approved meetings with staff)

Financial Audit- Obtaining receipts for transactions, reporting missing receipts, notifying the manager of transactions out of the ordinary, and transaction trends are included. 

Insurance Audit – reporting income or wages for purposes of insurance audits, workers compensation policies, and general liability policies are included. 

Budgeting & Planning – preparing budgeting tools and planning future income for companies is essential in growing businesses. This service includes liability planning, asset planning, and preparing reports based on this information for banks and other financial experts.

Our fee schedule is based on the level of experience and industry standards of service. If there are services you do not see, and you would like pricing, please inquire