Management Basics

Build your Team (get them on the boat)

What is synergistic about your work? We believe that collaboration with your network creates deeper roots in a company. Think of this: if you were going to sail off to the perfect company, do you have everyone in your boat?

The Breakfast Club is a perfect example of the blend of people it can take to reach a goal. Now your goal may not be teenage independence, but you get the point! Do you have your token sports guy (sales, charisma, team player), or your super smart problem solver? What people are you missing to get on your “boat” to success?

I make a list with clients – who do you want to surround you in business? Try this over coffee (or wine) at the end of the day- this is just a place to start:

1) Who do you trust most? This is someone you can lean on, depend on, and will back you up.

2) What are your personal and company values? You’ve no doubt heard the saying “beware of the company you keep”. There is substance to those words!

3) Who inspires you? Individuals whom you can bounce ideas off or act as your muse are an important part of business.

4) What are your downfalls and successes in business? The people around you should complement your strengths and challenge your weaknesses.

Once you’re done with this exercise, look at the people you’ve listed. Are they the ones that are working for you now? If so, pat on the back!! If not, let’s work in it- more to come in more blogs (and if you ever have questions or comments, I’m looking forward to it- [email protected])

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